Third Avenue United Church Community Fund

In 2013, and at the Centenary of the construction of Third Avenue United Church, the congregation sold its iconic building on the corner of 3rd Avenue North and 24th Street East. While we were sad to do so, we recognized that the costs of maintenance and required renovations/repairs were beyond our ability to manage any longer.

The good news is that we have stayed in the building as tenants and have a very generous landlord (the Orr Group, led by John Orr) and we expect to be around as a congregation for at least another hundred years!

Even better news, after many years of being diverted with financial issues, the congregation is now able to turn its mind to our place in the Saskatoon community, patricularly in our downtown location. We have always been active in respect to music concerts, but we now wish to share the proceeds from the sale of our church building to assist meeting ongoing community needs that also reflect our commitment to social justice.

To this end we have created a Community Fund with an initial principal of $500.000. While we have paid or have made commitments for much of that initial fund, we intend to replenish as best we can and, in the meantime, we still have a significant amount available to support this community initiative.